Consciousness Relativity Special Consciousness Relativity Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness

Consciousness Relativity


All that exist is Consciousness.
All creation is relative, and the power of Consciousness where Consciousness is absent has a constant predisposition to Consciousness.
This means:
1) Matter and Consciousness, (Body and Spirit, the Visible and the Invisible) are equal and has one Source. The Duality of Existence.

2) Matter is the entity of Consciousness that Materializes. And the Visible is the Manifestation of Consciousness, and is propotional to the Intensity and the Imagination of Consciousness.

3) All that exist do not posess Self Consciousness. And they that do, vary in magnitude of their Self Consciousness.

4) The Conscious are Dead (unaware). The Self Conscious are Alive according to the magnitude of their Self Consciousness–(Self Awareness).

5) The continuing existence of Consciousness–the increasing intensity of creation creates Time, the interval between new Thought. The appearance and disappearance of materialized Thought, and the birth and death–Aware and the Unaware Self Conscious Continue.

6) Consciousness is not subject to Time, it is an inavitable byproduct of creativity by Consciousness.

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Special Consciousness Relativity

Consciousness is Awareness.
Firstly, Conscious of it's Consciousness, it's existence.
Secondly, Conscious of it's Aloneness, it's uniqueness.
Thirdly, Conscious of Association, Communion, with like Consciousness.
Hence Consciousness, though Alone, by Association is uniquely Dual, and by Absolute Union is not Alone. The existence of Two or More as One. The Oneness of Consciousness. A union possible by one Characteristic phenomenon, the Conscience (Love).
The stability and the life of conscious union rests entirely on the relativity of the Conscience of the conscious. Since there is only One Unifide Consciousness, The Great Consciousness, or God: the Conscience (Love) of the Great Consciousness is it's Character or Spirit, and it does not change with Time, as it exists beyond Space and Time. All that exist is Consciousness, that is to say Consciousness is Conscious of all that exist. However, all that possess Self Consciousness possess a measure of Conscience (The Unconcious or Subconscious in all) of the Great Consciousness to Self exist, uniquie to the Great Consciousness, yet of the Great Consciousness. And the Consciousness of Man possess a full measure of the Conscience of the Great Consciousness, and Man is free to unite with the Conscience of God, and express the Love of God and be God. Except The Great Consciousness, all Self Conscious possess a Subconscious (The Unconscious) because they are extensions of the Great Consciousness. The connection to Life (Self Awareness). God Consciousness in All. Although Man is in the Likeness (possess the potential to become Conscientious like God) (the Speacial relativity between Consciousness and Conscience) he is yet to be God in his own right. Become absolutely Unified with The Unconscious. Our divinity is relative to our uninon with God.
"When I consider the heavens, the moon and the stars, the creative power of Your Thoughts, What is Speacial about man that You are thoughtful of him? And the Son of man that You equal Yourself with him?"

Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness

Quantum Physics try to explain the unexplainable nature and properties of matter as small and discrete or (seperate) elementary particles behaving as particles and waves (wave–particle duality). It is physically impossible to explain the nature of matter, because all that exist: space, matter and time, the universe, is a display of the immaterial force of Consciousnes; expressing modest and distinct awareness of a Great Consciousness of Oneness, materializing it's Thoughts. The material manifestation of the Thought of the One and only Awareness, is the universe (the one realm). The unified existence of the Matter and Consciousness. Life eternal. The duality of existence.
 Confusion and disarray, generation and degeneration, birth and death on earth will continue untill Man unites with the Great Consciousness, and propagate and transform into pure Light.

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