When we think of energy, we think of it as power for work. It is a force, or strength that can perform physical and mental activity. Although you cannot define energy, you know what it can do. We think that energy can’t be defined, because energy is not matter. If the basic unit of electromagnetic radiation is a photon, carrying the electromagnetic force, but has no rest mass; it seems that the photon is carried by an energy, or force that is not made of matter. Or, the photon carries a non-matter force or energy. So, energy is non-matter that has the capacity to make matter do work. According to physics; matter is not the same as mass; but we mean matter to be the substance the material universe is made of. A man can see a naked woman and be exited, or a child can see it’s favorite toy being smashed by it’s younger sibling and cry. These are sexual and emotional energies that can cause activity. It is this energy that can make consciousness do work. Consciousness that exists in bodies made of matter experience energy physically, and mentally (spiritually).
 If energy is not matter, then it must be spirit of some sort. Spirits are conscious characters, and by their character, we know what kind of spirits they are. We know a man by his spirit. That is because we can feel the energy he emanates. The more we can feel his energy, the more we know him.


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